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Employee Policy: -

Ophel Computing expects its employees to work as directed by adopting to the standards and models set by the company and must abstain from offensive, misanthropic and reclusive conduct.

Employees must honor all the intended objectives of Ophel Computing and must not defame the values of Ophel Computing in any manner.


  • Timings: Ophel Computing provides flexible work timings and requires minimum 9 hours of work per day. Employees who perform overtime shall not receive any benefits. Employee must get permission for absenteeism by five days earlier and absenteeism without excuse will not be permitted.
  • Conflict: Employees should make all decisions based solely on the best interests of Ophel Computing. In performing their duties, employees are expected to use their judgment to act, at all times and in all ways, beneficial to the best interests of Ophel Computing. The primary rule of conflict of interest avoidance is that of disclosure and recusal. Thus, if an employee has a significant financial, personal, or professional interest that comes in conflict in any transaction for which the employee is being called upon to exercise their official authority, that employee should disclose the interest to Ophel Computing. They should also refrain from participating in the consideration of the proposed transaction unless instructed otherwise by Ophel Computing.
  • Facility: The properties and facilities provided by Ophel Computing should be strictly used only for official work discharge. They must be used in the manner for which intended. The Internet are a privileged resource and must be used only for work tasks. Employees must not indulge in using malicious and dodgy applications and/or websites. Files and programs stored in the computers must not be copied or taken off grounds. Personal memory storage devices must not be used in the properties of Ophel Computing. The devices of any employees must not be used to gain content not of best interests to Ophel Computing by exploit the resources provided by Ophel Computing. The facilities if any are damaged by any employee, the employee shall remain liable to replace the same. And, employees on their separation of their employment must return the resources and facilities provided to them in the condition as they received and any damage remains liable to the employee.
Ophel Work Place
Ophel Communication


  • Employees must communicate in effective language. The preferred mode of language is English. The language native to the employee can be used for professional communication alone, within employees with knowledge of the same language and must be made minimal.
  • Employees are encouraged to not make or attend personal phone calls at the work environment and during work time.
  • Employees can make or attend phone calls only in case of urgency and must keep the conversation minimal.
  • Employees must use common sense during communication and must not make obscene, discriminatory, offensive, prejudicial or defamatory remarks in any form. Employees must use the phone provided by Ophel Computing for any official and/or for work purposes with other entities or representatives.


Medical preferrence
  • Employees must report their medical conditions and/or differently abled if any prior to joining Ophel Computing. Each employee must provide their emergency contact in their employee profile during the time of joining.


  • Employees must submit their grievance if any through direct reporting or by writing to Ophel Computing. Ophel Computing believes in an open, fair and common work environment. All kinds of suggestions and grievances will be looked into seriously and continual monitoring and improvement will be implemented.


Ophel Behaviores
  • Employees are required to maintain cordial behavior and relationship. Employees must settle disputes with a calm, open door approach. Employees must interact with fellow employees with mutual respect and common courtesy. Tardiness is prohibited.

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