Ophel: We Transform Ideas into Software.

As a recognised leader in highly disciplined agile software development practices, Ophel has been building high reliability software for over clients. We build consumer and enterprise web and mobile applications for global clients as well as up and coming startups. You may know us from using Ophel Tracker, the project management and collaboration tool used by thousands of teams around the world.

We design products from start to finish, following a user-centered approach that includes discovery and framing, iterative development, user testing, and delivery. We aim to design products that are functional, meaningful, and delightful for users; something they love and are willing to pay for. We work closely with our clients because we know building great products requires continuous feedback. And we believe in working at a sustainable pace – you’ll typically work for 8 hours each day, leaving at 6pm to relax, recharge and refocus.

Working at Ophel means you get better at what you already do, and you’re continuously learning new things. We set up regular retrospectives to figure out what we're doing wrong so we can fix it, and what we're doing right so we can improve on it. We believe that incremental progress and continuous delivery leads to better software. And the best way we know to achieve this is by working together in supportive teams.

We provide a catered breakfast every weekday morning, and unlimited snacks and drinks all day long. We have an informal dress code, and a bright sunlit office. Pivots have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, so there’s always interesting discussions at lunch. We organise weekly internal lunches on interesting technical, design, strategy, and operations topics. And we love to host local meetups.

Why we love what we do (and so could you)

  • Seriously collaborative, even with people not on our teams
  • Immerse yourself in one project at a time
  • Daily product decision making and real product delivery with product managers and developers
  • Freedom to try out new design processes; in the spirit of agile, do what works, try new things, stop doing things that don't work; not a lot of constraints on the 'creative' process
  • Environment that encourages learning and growing as a professional and individual and infrastructure to support and motivate those goals
  • We really care about design and don't cut corners - and still we're shipping all the time!
  • All the designers have different skillsets: you’re not expected to be an expert in everything but having access to someone who probably is, means we all get smarter by teaching and learning

Responsibilities for the role

  • Grow our design practice, mentor other designers, and increase the design literacy of our engineers
  • Lead products from discovery and framing through iterative development and delivery, by producing strong
  • Daily product decision making and real product delivery with product managers and developers work and speaking authoritatively about it
  • Work as a collaborative team member with clients, developers, and fellow designers
  • Maintain a user-centered approach in design perspective and practice
  • Rapidly iterate on design prototypes and working application
  • Conduct user testing, interviews, and analysis

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